S1E27: Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood of Born to Be a Badass

S1E27: Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood of Born to Be a Badass

Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 27 of The PodQuest Show. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, client, and fellow podcast host, Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood.

Cynthia is a fourth-degree black belt and certified self-defense coach with more than twenty years’ experience, and the founder of the Born to Be a Badass Academy, where women around the world learn how to protect themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 

She teaches women how to be safe in any situation. To do this, she takes what for many women is an uncomfortable (if not frightening) subject and, in a loving, positive way, shows them how to break through fear, tap into strengths and abilities they don’t realize they have, and discover their power, courage and freedom. 

Cynthia is the host of the “Born to Be a Badass” podcast, a unique and groundbreaking show about women, violence and safety. A published author, she is a sought-after speaker, who has been featured on a variety of radio shows and podcasts.

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