S1E15: Debbi Dachinger of the Dare to Dream podcast

S1E15: Debbi Dachinger of the Dare to Dream podcast

Debbi Dachinger

Welcome to episode 15 of The PodQuest Show. Meet fellow podcast host and personal friend, Debbi Dachinger.

Debbi is a Media Personality who has been interviewed on over 1,000 media outlets. She is a syndicated, award-winning podcast host, nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Award, a certified coach and author of three international bestselling books.

As a Media Visibility Authority, Debbi coaches people how to write a page-turner book, runs a company that guarantees books become an international bestseller, and teaches the Ultimate Visibility Formula – How to be Interviewed on Media & Podcast shows in 60 Days or Less.

Now in its 12th year, Debbi hosts the Dare to Dream podcast. A popular media guest and speaker, Debbi is a keynote at high level national events, and has been seen in the news, documentary films, on the cover of magazines, and is a regular featured contributor to Published Magazine.

You can learn more about her at www.DebbiDachinger.com.

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