S1E35: Emma Auriemma-McKay of Stress-Free Remodeling & Real Estate Professionals

S1E35: Emma Auriemma-McKay of Stress-Free Remodeling & Real Estate Professionals

Emma Auriemma-McKay

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 35 of The PodQuest Show. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today I am joined by my friend and client, and host of 2 shows, Emma Auriemma-McKay.

Emma is an architect and interior designer who has gotten her hands dirty in the trenches working on property flips. She realized how overwhelming remodeling a home can be for a person who is not in the building industry doing it all the time.  Because she believes everyone should live in a home they love Emma helps them get there with the program she created – the Ultimate home Remodeling Blueprint and wrote her #1 Best Seller Homeowner’s Guide to “Stress-Free Remodeling”.

Doing the flips, she got into the realm of real estate, buying and selling. She realized many processes she does as an architect could benefit a realtor such as envisioning the possibilities of a property.  She now teaches realtors this skill so they can help their clients envision how any home can be transformed into their dream home. As a result, Realtors can sell more homes faster for maximum commissions.

You can check out her details and more at www.StressFreeRemodeling.com/Realtors.

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