S1E1: An Introduction to The PodQuest Show

S1E1: An Introduction to The PodQuest Show


Welcome to The PodQuest Show, your place to go for insider insights and tips of the trade that too frequently get swept under the rug until you start tripping over it on your road to success.

I am Michael Neeley, the creator and host of the series, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have you join me on this messenger’s journey. I call it that, because I believe that that is truly what a great podcaster is – a messenger. Here to spread the word, whether it’s comedy or drama, fact or fiction – you’ve got something you want to say and you aspire to reach your target audience with ease and speed.

I’ve been hosting podcasts for over 5 years and more than 500 episodes. My other shows are Consciously Speaking, Buy This – Not That!, and Something to Wine About, and I’ve also got a fifth one on the way. I’ve been teaching podcasting for several years and have helped to launch over a hundred shows in a wide variety of categories and industries.

I love podcasting and have a deep awareness of the value it can bring to both sides of the microphone. But there’s one thing I hate – and that’s the bullshit that inevitably springs up around any new or growing industry.

With podcasting’s steady growth, there have been, let’s just say, more than a few false gurus out there. And now, with the upsurge in the industry and the likes of Spotify and Pandora jumping on board, there are nefarious business practices getting added to the mix.

The mission of The PodQuest Show is to dispel a few myths, out a few charlatans, share some insider secrets and strategies, and actually set you, the new (or even seasoned) podcaster, up for optimal success.

On some of the shows, I’ll bring in other expert podcast hosts and we’ll talk about their show, how they grew it, how they monetize it, and what’s the method to their madness. You’ll get to hear about equipment favorites, best practices, shortcuts to save time and money, and a few other golden nuggets, I’m sure.

There will be solo shows where I’ll talk about topics that often get overlooked or under-utilized. Effective launch strategies, understanding your stats, improving your discoverability, social media effectiveness, and more. And sometimes, I’ll debunk a myth or two, in hopes to steer you away from rookie mistakes that many podcasters make along the way.

Every now and then, I’ll facilitate a roundtable episode with myself and a few other podcaster friends as we review an industry event, or software, or even a training program. This will provide you with more than just one perspective on the tools and support you’ll be seeking out during your podcasting career.

You’ll want to subscribe to this show so that you can learn some incredible audience growth hacks, the nuts and bolts of podcasting that slips through the cracks, what’s important and NOT important when it comes to editing, guesting, releasing shows, and everything else.

Typically, a new episode should drop each week on Tuesday morning, but that is subject to change – as is every aspect of the show. And this is important for you to know for two major reasons:

  1. This is your show, too. Not just mine. We’re no good without each other. So, I’m hoping that you’ll participate to the fullest you can. This means sending me questions and engaging in our Facebook group (which, btw, you can join by clicking on the link you’ll find in the show notes). It is through your feedback that the show will evolve and grow to best fit your needs. And this may mean changing the format, the release dates, etc.
  2. The other reason is that your show should be ready and able to pivot, as well. It’s important to understand that what we think the audience wants to hear and what they ACTUALLY want to hear, could be two very different things. It’s only when we request feedback, listen to it, and then ACT upon it, that our show will ultimately fulfill our listener’s needs.

Each episode will also feature a podcast or two that you may want to give a listen to. These are almost like mini-sponsorship spots. They run about 30 seconds and are available as “Promo-Bites” for interested podcasters. You can learn more about them in the link in the show notes or on our website.

And finally, I want to invite you to join me at one of our live events at some point in the future. We host two of these incredible events each year, and you’ll hear a lot more about them in the upcoming episodes. These 3-day intensive trainings are geared toward both the novice and the experienced podcasters and are designed to help you up-level your game. You can check the link in the show notes or on our website at any time and get the details about how you can attend the next event.

So please do me a favor. Right now, if you will. Just take a moment to subscribe to the show and then give us an honest rating and review. Download all of the episodes so that you’ve got them handy for your next long drive or for your workout. And best of all, please share PodQuest with your friends. Let them know about how it could help them to get their show launched or to grow and monetize their audience if they’ve already got one.

I look forward to serving you, and if you’ve got a show up and running and would like to be a guest, be sure to visit our booking page for details. The link is… you guessed it – in the show notes or on our website.

Oh yeah… one final thing. Do you like FREE stuff? Great! Because, I love giving things away. And, of course, I want to reward our biggest fans, so in each episode listen for your PodToken, which will be one word or a short phrase. Once you’ve heard it, keep it in mind or write it down – then go to www.PodQuest.net/rewards for details on how to play and win multiple prizes throughout the year. The more PodTokens you collect, the more and bigger prizes you get. And by the way, this isn’t some enter-to-win kinda deal, there is no drawing – everyone wins. As a matter of fact, here’s our PodToken for this episode: Subscriber. And to get you started, we’re offering a prize for the first token. Go to the link in the show notes or go to www.PodQuest.net/rewards and collect your first freebie now. Then read the rules of play, the list of prizes, and start collecting more by listening to each episode.

So, there you have it. I’m looking forward to having you continue this journey on The PodQuest Show with me, your host Michael Neeley! And until next time, Happy Podcasting!

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