S1E36: Mellissa Seaman of Channel Your Genius

S1E36: Mellissa Seaman of Channel Your Genius

Mellissa Seaman

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 36 of The PodQuest Show. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today I am joined by my dear pal, an amazing human being and new podcast host, Mellissa Seaman.

Mellissa gets called a lot of things. Lawyer. Channel. Business Mentor. Deep Intuitive. Marketing Strategist. Mother. And she’s hired by a lot of impressive people, from Silicon Valley creative tech founders, to Fortune 100 executives, to internationally renowned artists, filmmakers and thought leaders. But her heart is especially devoted to supporting professional creatives who are waking up to their deepest calling as channels of their own unique genius.

Since she had an “accidental” psychic awakening with the birth of her daughter in the year 2000, Mellissa has devoted herself to helping emerging channels of genius to bridge the worlds of spirit and business.

Her Soul Gift Quiz has helped over 10,000 people worldwide to identify their deepest gifts, talents, and purpose. Her business school for intuitives has helped hundreds of gifted creatives identify and create the business that fulfills their calling. And her new podcast, Channel Your Genius, showcases highly-successful professional creatives who utilize their intuition to innovate solutions the world needs now.

You can check out her details and more at www.mellissaseaman.com.

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