S1E30: Moving the Needle

S1E30: Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 30 of The PodQuest Show. Today we’re going to dive into a topic I call “Moving the Needle” – what you can do to make a difference in the growth of your show and when you are actually just wasting time, spinning your wheels.

  • Ratings & Reviews (Social Proof ONLY)
  • Growing your FB fan page (engagement vs. ego)
  • Click farms (spotting the real from the fake – and what’ll happen if you get caught)

These all break down to the three 3 FF’s:

  1. Faithful Fans
  2. Friends & Family
  3. Fake Followers

The key is to drive legitimate engagement. Ask for it. And speaking of which, I’d love it if you’d do me a huge favor. If you haven’t already subscribed to my show, please do so now. If you can do it in Apple Podcasts, all the better, but whatever player you like to use for your podcast enjoyment, please subscribe or follow. And better yet, if you’d be so kind as to leave me a rating and review, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Do you know of anyone thinking of starting a podcast? Or maybe you’ve got a podcast friend that is also trying to grow their show? Let them know about The PodQuest Show so that they can take it to the next level with you. Thanks for sharing!

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