S1E26: Peter Birsinger of Podscribe.ai

S1E26: Peter Birsinger of Podscribe.ai

Peter Birsinger of Podscribe.ai

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 26 of The PodQuest Show. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today we’re gonna take a look at some other podcast-tangent services – in this case transcriptions – with Peter Birsinger.

Pete is a startup founder who’s created and runs two revenue positive companies in the podcasting space, Podscribe.ai and Picasso. He grew up in SF, double majoring in Math and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Post college, he worked as a software engineer for 5 years before transitioning to a sales engineering role in the ad-tech space. After that, he co-founded Podible, a podcast listening app that grew to 40k listeners, before transitioning to Podscribe and Picasso.

In his free time, he enjoys podcasts, fishing, hunting, jiu jitsu, skiing, triathlons, gymnastics and country music festivals.

You can check out Podscribe at www.podscribe.ai, and if you want to get all of your backlog of episodes transcribed for FREE (yes, his amazingly generous offer for The PodQuest Show listeners), go to www.podquest.net/podscribe for the details!

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