S1E16: Recorded Live at Podcast Movement Evolutions – LA

S1E16: Recorded Live at Podcast Movement Evolutions – LA

Podcast Movement

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to a special episode recorded live at Podcast Movement Evolutions. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today we’re going to sit down with a bunch of different podcasters and see what their biggest takeaways from this event are.

Here is a list of the people you will hear from, and their shows (if available):

Ken Bator                   The “Side-Hustle” Cuilture       [3:25]
Megan Powers             Making a Marketer                   [7:45]
Shey Harms                Second Act Business Academy  [10:50]
Joe Sanok                     The Practice of the Practice      [13:10]
Curtis Kelly                The Culture Marauders             [15:04]
Paul Mikheylenko        Listen App                                [16:45]
Knolan Lee                 Beerlosophy                             [24:29]
Deborah Kagan            The Real Undressed                  [27:30]
Janice McQueen         Beauty Call                               [28:24]
Federica Bressan          Technoculture                         [30:01]
Gordon Firemark       Entertainment Law Update     [31:40]
Sincere Davinci &
Jay Hunnit                    The JaySin Podcast                    [32:38]
Orit Cohen                  Amigas in Business                   [34:06]
Neville Mckenzie         Entrepreneurs in Action             [36:11]
Mary Steinmetz          The Woman Up                         [39:05]
Jonathan Pezza             Curious Matter Anthology         [41:52]
Hunter Barnes            Daily Radio Bible                      [44:14]
Colleen Mullen             Coaching Through Chaos           [45:28]

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