S1E18: Sky A’Hearn of Leading with Light

S1E18: Sky A’Hearn of Leading with Light

Sky A'Hearn

Welcome to episode 18 of The PodQuest Show. Meet a fellow podcaster, a dear friend, and unicorn whisperer, Sky A’Hearn.

Sky is the host of Leading with Light, Transformational Leadership Today has been exploring spirituality for over 30 years. A retired school teacher, she has uniquely traveled the world working with the founder of ThetaHealing®, a transformational renowned healing modality.

Sky was instrumental in developing and writing the foundational courses and books that skyrocketed, ThetaHealing® to international success in over 152 countries.

She travels worldwide teaching and working with thousands of practitioners and instructors, while serving her private clients, leading luxury, leadership retreats and is the founder of the Global Leadership Out Reach Youth Foundation, also known as, the GLORY foundation, which will soon be bringing education, resources, and healing to orphanages around the world.

Today she instructs people in the Awesome Healing Framework, a new healing modality that is helping spiritual entrepreneurs move through anything that is holding them back, so they can fully lead with their light and be the magical beings they were born to be.

You can learn more about her at www.skyislimitless.com.

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